The Psyatics

WAIL Music Magazine shines spotlight on 
The Psyatics
Las Vegas Nevada, U.S.A.
Styles: Rock, Punk, Garage, Noise, Surf Rock with dissonant Jazz
CD: Famous Monsters (8/19/2016)

If musical stylings reminiscent of Iggy Pop, Garage, Punk with sprinkles of jazz, sounds like it will rock your socks off, then you are in for a treat with this Las Vegas based band, The Psyatics. This band is muti-talented and write and record their own music. The Psyatics are high energy, heart-pounding, catchy and memorable.  A song that truly captures this bands raw talent and diverse skill, is "Gonna Find A Cave"
(watch it here,
Also be sure to check out "Famous Monsters" from their 2016 album release.

The Psyatics take us on a funky, era-bending, genre fusion, journey, with epic punk drumming, the occasional raw metal scream, and catchy lyrics, all with a surprising, unique surf-rock twist.  We'll be keeping this band on replay for sure!

Rob Bell -guitar and vocals
Jack Ball -guitar
Mark Baertschi-drums


Twitter @ThePsyatics

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Article by JR McKeague (2017)

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