Paul Victor - Vancouver, BC - Blues, Soul, Jazz

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Sloppy Joe's - Hamburg, Germany - Rock

Sloppy Joe's is a blast of powerful melodies, dirty guitar riffs, edgy bass, and thundering drum beats driven with the catchy vocals of guitar player Jesse Garon. Johnny Angel (Bass) has a high-energy presence both on stage and in his bass…

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Blow_Flyy - Toronto, ON - Hip-Hop

Photo: Gary Johnson Jr.

Performing out of Toronto, Canada, hailing from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is a new age artist with unique style & thought process. He does it his way for the fans to tell his story. Blow_Flyy…

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Liberatia - Victoria, BC - Thrash/Death Metal

With all the blazin' fury they have to offer, Liberatia has struck a vicious nerve and created one behemoth of a metal sound. All the viciousness of thrash, the heaviness of death metal and tied together with the intensity and impact of…

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Neck of the Woods - Vancouver, BC - Progressive Metal

NECK OF THE WOODS is a diverse metal project featuring crushing, heavy vocals, attention-grabbing progressions, dynamic guitar work, intense, relentless metal drumming, and extremely technical composition. They are taking the BC music scene by storm with an ever-growing fan base. They put…

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Have Not Jones - Jacksonville, FL - Hip-Hop

Chase "Have Not" Jones was brought up in the small town of Springville, Alabama. "Have Not Jones" refers to the long, rough road he's endured in his experience and he goes by that name to represent those of us who have been outcasted…

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