Glenn Meling

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Glenn Meling
Oslo, Norway
Genres: Pop, Rock, New Wave
Similar Sound As: Sting, U2, David Bowie

Glenn Meling is a multi-talented artist, songwriter, singer and producer from Oslo, Norway.
In his latest album release Minnesota, Meling showcases his diverse instrumental skills, playing guitar, piano and singing.
Following previous albums, Melingrad (2007) and Sometimes A Bigger Heart (2009), Minnesota (2016) will be his third album. 

Newly released, Minnesota (2016), is an eclectic, era-transcending, audio collection. This Pop, Rock, Golden Oldies-meets-Pop, album is truly a fusion of sounds, and unique compilations, drawn from inspiration of different genres, throughout the last few decades.
Some songs heavily showcase Meling's influence from American Pop Rock, such as "America". This song definitely draws inspiration from David Bowie's iconic pop styling, and melodic repetitions, reminiscent of early U2 and Sting.
Where as the sounds of "America" have been heard before, a more interesting, diverse compilation, is that of Meling's "Alive" from the same album, Minnesota. The song "Alive" has several different instrumental varieties, and melodic changes, keeping it interesting from start to end. The back up chorus singers, and emphasizing  pop beats, make the song fresh, and catchy. 
Overall, Minnesota, is an interesting, yet familiar, eclectic, Pop Rock, New Wave experience. Each song is unique, with G rated lyrics, making it possible to appeal to an audience of all ages.  

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Written by JR McKeague (2016)                                  

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