A. Trozzo & The Electric Few

WAIL Music Magazine is stoked to shine spotlight on  
A. Trozzo & The Electric Few (aka, AT&EF / The Electric Flu / The Electric Two)  
Genre:  Heavy / Trashy/ Garage / Rock & Roll  

Aaron Trozzo has played in the dog's breakfast of bands around Lethbridge for a solid twelve years. Having simultaneously played in three bands for six of those years he developed a great local following and embarked on several tours of Western Canada. 
Following some health complications in 2016, A. Trozzo took time to focus on himself and stepped back from his pre-existing projects. He maintained his connection to the music scene through his employment as manger of CKXU 88.3 FM, Lethbridge's only campus/community radio. His hiatus from performing live gave him time to relax, centre himself, and reevaluate his creative direction. He spent the winter, spring, and summer months of 2016 writing new material - free of expectations of what the music should sound like. 
Fast forward to September 2016 when, after some friendly encouragement, he made the decision to release some of the resulting material. 
The "A.Trozzo & The Electric Few" project officially had legs and was somehow already jogging toward the release of a five-song E.P. in October.  

Though 2017 is only in its early days, it has already shown promise with support coming from Campus Community radio stations, independent music media sources, and generally positive vibrations all around. With the release of a full-length album on the horizon, along with a Western Canadian tour slated for mid-May 2017, it's exciting to consider the momentum the band has already generated.  

With the aforementioned information in mind, you might call AT&EF a response to physical and emotional challenges, or you could enjoy the sound of its heavy, booze-soaked garage rock. 
Either way, A.Trozzo & The Electric Few’s “Bandate” is to breathe new life into preconceived notions of contemporary rock & roll. 
Years of improvised jamming with a veritable cocktail of local musicians in the Lethbridge scene have garnered incredibly flexible skill-sets for each band member. AT&EF are extremely adaptable in live situations and are adept at translating their material effectively as a four, three, or even two-piece band.  

Keep your eyes peeled for winter and spring dates in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Additionally, check 'em out when they come to a dingy bar near you in the summer months of 2017. 

Upcoming Tours / Shows:  

March 14 2017 w/ Century Palm (Toronto) + J.Blissette (Lethbridge) @ The Slice Bar & Grill (Lethbridge AB)  
Western Canadian tour in support of Full length  
Misc Canadian summer festival bills! 


AT&EF 2016 E.P (CD, digital) - Oct 2016  
AT&EF ("Mosrite Holiday" E.P. live @ CJSW 90.9 in Calgary AB (digital) - Dec 2016  
AT&EF L.P. (12" vinyl, CD, digital)- May 2017  
AT&EF E.P. (7" vinyl release, digital) - Oct 2017 

Bandcamp EP: atrozzoelectric.bandcamp.com/album/ep 
Bandcamp Mosrite Holiday EP: atrozzoelectric.bandcamp.com/album/mosrite-holiday-eee-pee



Article by JR McKeague & A. Trozzo, 2017

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