Vagabond Specter

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Vagabond Specter
Kiev, Ukraine

Pablo Specter - vox, 
Egor Gavrilenko - bass, 
Yuri Smalius - guitar, sound producer 
Alex Okremov - drums.

Vagabond Specter are rising in popularity across the Ukraine. After their last major milestone, opening for Garage in their hometown Kiev, Ukraine, Vagabond Specter has since been on tour.
Delivering sounds similar to Modest Mouse, 80's synth Pop and a pinch of Alternative Rock, their music leans towards the description of ambient, indie-rock.
With very abstract, modern and avant-garde stylistic themes running through their unique sound, fashion, and music video design, Vagabond Specter brings their own one-of-a-kind flavor to the table, and fans of electro, indie-rock, can not get enough!

In their electro, pop-art, animated new music video, "Half a Billion Miles", the band showcases their taste in the absurd. With layers of guitar, mingling with trance-like harmonies, cozy electronic beats, and ambient melodies, "Half a Billion Miles" sound might be a bit more relaxing, than overtly intriguing, but the visuals in this music video, are very memorable.
 Drawing inspiration from bands such as The Killers, Muse and The Black Keys, Vagabond Specter's album "MIRRORS" showcases the diverse sounds and skills, of this unique band's personality.

Watch "Half a Billion Miles" here-
MIRRORS releases world wide January 25, 2017


Article by JR McKeague, 2017


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