Tipsy in Chelsea

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Tipsy in Chelsea 
Atlanta, GA  & New Haven, CT 
Styles: Pop, Bossa Nova 
CD: Gaslighter (March 2017)

A little bit country, a little bit Metric, and a little bit pop-rock, Tipsy in Chelsea is on the rise in the independent music scene.

Inspired by their mutual affinity for ‘60s and ‘70s pop and easy listening, Tipsy in Chelsea, delivers "Gaslighter", the final product of this band's co-creation, resulting in an intriguing fusion of lounge, country and bossa nova sounds.

 Accented with woodwinds, strings and brass, with lyrics that will definitely pull on your heart strings, their songs are nostalgic odes to grief, pain and letting go.

 “The common thread is dealing with the challenges of life,” Lead vocalist, Trish Thompson, says about the theme of their album, “dealing with loss of life or love, challenging relationships and confliction with others or yourself.”

Listen to "Gaslighter" here>

1)      Laugh ‘Til I Cry 
2)      You Are the Sun 
3)      Fade or Remain 
4)      Day After Day (Badfinger Cover) 
5)      Twisted 
6)      All These Things 
7)      Precious to Me (Phil Seymour Cover)


Trish Thompson - Vocals   
Dean Falcone - Guitars/Keys/Vocals/Pedal Steel 
Blake Parris - Bass   
Paul Barrie - Drums/Percussion


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Article by JR McKeague (2017)



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