Thorin Loeks

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Thorin Loeks

Location: Yukon Territory & Vancouver, Canada
Styles: Soulful Indie Folk 
Similar Sound As:  Kim Churchill, Gordon Lightfoot, Dave Matthews

CD: Thirsty Hearts 
Release date: May 5th, 2016

Thorin Loeks is a serenading, harmonic, genius. Soothing the mind from the city's hustle and bustle, he brings a very earthy, grounding tone to the ears, with calming qualities of violin accompaniments and harmonies. In Thirsty Hearts, he showcases diverse range, from harmonic deep baritones, to surprising, sweet high notes that emphasize his creative melodic style.
Drawing influence and inspiration from his passionate, curious and explorative personality, Loeks has back packed around many continents, and canoed far distances, and these experiences are evident through his music and lyrics. Loeks uses his voice, guitar, harmonica, kickdrum, foot tambourine, and piano to share reflective, powerful messages, from a personal experience, to communal/societal global level.
Written, played and co-produced by Loeks himself,  Thirsty Hearts  explores a variety of facets of the human experience. And is symbolic of each person's journey as we each strive to navigate towards a greater understanding, purpose and harmony with ourselves, each other and our world.

Listen to Thirsty Hearts here:

Thorin Loeks' passion for exploring and learning is inspiring and passionate. We congratulate him on his latest CD Release Thirsty Hearts and wish him all the best, as he finishes the final year of his Communications Degree.

Keep up the great work, Thorin Loeks, we at WAIL look forward to seeing where your journey goes!


Cover art created by Willow Brewster

Article by JR McKeague, 2017

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