The smallest Creature

WAIL Music Magazine Reviews The smallest Creature 

Location: Larnaca, Cyprus 
Genre: Rock, Alternative 
Members: Stefanos Marnerides, lacovos Stylianides, Stephanos Nicolaou 
Similar Sound To: Muse (earlier work), Radiohead (earlier work), Stone Temple Pilots 

The smallest Creature is an instant classic, appealing to a broad range audience. With their modern poetic lyricism, melt worthy, moody vocals and old school guitar progressions, reminiscent of the early 90's, they are an automatic add to any playlist.  
The smallest Creature is enchanting listeners across the globe.
Showcasing their versatile sound ability, and creative range in their new album, MILLION, which was just released November 2016.
This album is one you will want to listen to from start to end, back to back. MILLION is ideal for singing along to at the top of your lungs, or plugging into your headphones and melting away with.  The smallest Creature bridges a generation gap of listeners with this album, appealing to audiences partial to the Golden Oldies Classic Rock era, and those in favor of more recent modern Alternative Pop Rock.  
From dreamy ballads like "Copenhagen", symphony rock compositions like in "Sleep" to the more up tempo, passionately dramatic, poeticism in "Coward's Wish".
If you enjoy Alternative Rock, then you are sure to be emotionally sparked with MILLION. Also, be sure to check out MILLION's first released single "Enchanting", an instant new favorite. With hints of Muse-like melodic guitar riffs and memorable, romanticly constructed vocals. The smallest Creature will enchant you to keep this Track on loop. 
 Watch the new video for "Enchanting" here,  
The smallest Creature is definitely a band to keep you're eye on as they continue to gain recognition across the globe. 

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Written by JR McKeague,2016

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