The Human Darts

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The Human Darts
Location: Tampa, FL
Genre: Alt Rock, Rockabilly, Punk
Similar Sound As: Sum 41, Green Day, The Clash

Shane Close- Guitar ,Vocals
John Arduser- Guitar, Vocals
Mr. Zelk- Drums, Keyboard, Lead Vocals

The story of how The Human Darts formed, is just as interesting as the sound they create. In the 1970's, three musicians, released one album, with four tracks, and went their separate ways. The album without a band,  quickly turned into an underground punk scene collectors record. With a rapidly increasing cult following, a trend started to appear. Many different bands, all with different members, started covering The Human Darts record, touring and playing those same four tracks, all over the USA.
After years of their music being covered across the USA, original producer/writer Mr. Zelk, reconnected with original guitarist John Arduser, and the son of original vocalist Shane Close, and together, they released, Explicit Thoughts (2016).
The album, Explicit Thoughts, features the original four tracks,"Tell My Sister", "Zombie Man Chant", "Hey Good Lookin", and "Stitches".
Each song's lyric meanings are all quite blunt, somewhat crass and definitely straight forward. With wacky, creative, upbeat and unusual sound mixing, combined with 70's-80's funky flavor, this album, is sure to appeal to audiences who enjoy a more bizarre, and quirky, counter culture.
The band considers their genre, "Fun Rock", and with good reason.
There certainly is nothing mundane about their sound, or story. 

Listen to the EP, Explicit Thoughts (2016), here:

A portion of the proceeds of each album will be donated to a homeless aid organization in Tampa, FL.



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Written by JR McKeague (2016)

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