The Furious Seasons

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The Furious Seasons
Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Folk/ Pop

Sounds like: Bob Dylan, Milk Carton Kids
Members/Instruments: David Steinhart (Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal) Jeff Steinhart (Standup Bass)                                                                            Paul Nelson (Acoustic Lead Guitar, Backing Vocal)

The soulful, Folk-trio, The Furious Seasons, recently released a new album, titled, Look West (2016).
This album, is a thoughtful, nostalgic journey through the minds of the creators behind it.  

An instant classic, the tracks of this album, Look West, share common themes of melancholy lyrics, catchy harmonies, interesting guitar progressions, and tender acoustic vibes that will serenade, and soothe all Folk fans alike. 

One of their more romantic tracks, "A Thing To Behold" features a stunning guitar picking intro, that beautifully transcends decades, tastefully paired with soft harmonies, and love sick lyricism. 

The track "Longshot" is an instant favourite. Starting with sweet serenades, and soft imagery, sprinkled with violin and gentle harmonies, "Longshot" delivers a soundscape that feels like home.

With relatable, relationship based lyrics, and dreamy guitar solos, The Furious Seasons really showcase their creative craft, and cohesiveness in "Longshot".

Listen to "Longshot" here>

Written By JR McKeague (2016)

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