The Flowered Gnomes

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The Flowered Gnomes
(New York, USA)
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Pop, Country

Terry Rohm - guitar, lead vocals 
Lisa Umland - tambourine 
Mike Murphy - drums 
Arnold Underwood - bass guitar

The Flowered Gnomes are an ecclectic foursome from Queens, New York, USA. Delivering original tracks, this band has been producing music together since 2012. Their sound is so catchy, they are sure to make you move your feet! They have a late 80's, early 90's, rock feel, with modern, edgy vocals, and fun, up beat hooks.
The Flowered Gnomes is sure to appeal to a vast audience of all ages. 

Listen to The Flowered Gnomes Soundcloud here>

Written by JR McKeague (2016)

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