Sterile Jets

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Sterile Jets
Styles: Noise-Rock, Post Hardcore, Genre Fusion
CD: No Gods No Loss (May 4, 2017)

Set to release their newest album "No Gods No Loss" (Release date: May 4, 2017) which they recorded in full in only one long weekend, Sterile Jets are showcasing their talent of raw, unflinching honesty, with modern lyrical content, creative compilations, and all at a glorious, earsplitting volume.   
Sterile Jets newest single is titled, "Fireside Drive". The video for this single is a mosaic of clips and public service announcements from the public domain. Self-produced by Bil Lane & Sterile Jets, and non-conforming to one style or genre, the Sterile Jets showcase a fusion of  punk, post-rock, jazz and metal, with surprising sides of rockabilly/grunge, making their sound and show truly unique. "Fireside Drive" captures the band's melodic side and love of distortion. This non-conforming, noise-rock trio, transcends the era's, from punk vocals reminiscent of the 80's to more modern fusions of jazz and metal. Their unique sound, combined with interesting clips from the public domain, make their music video a very unusual, abstract, commentary collage and sample of Western society and culture.  
If you enjoy headbanging at maximum volume, eccentricity, and are a big fan of grunge punk, post-rock, metal and jazz, you just might find your new favourite track on this album. 

Watch the music video for the single "Fireside Drive":


Article by JR McKeague (2017)

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