Saint Mars

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Saint Mars
Bristol, UK
Styles: Alternative Rock, Dream Pop 
Similar to : Slowdive, Joy Division, The Cure
CD: Ocean Blues
Release date: December 2, 2016

From Bristol, UK, Saint Mars delivers a dream pop/rock experience. Easy listening with sounds reminiscent of Radiohead, sprinkled with catchy, strong percussion and mesmerizing ballads. In Saint Mars newest debut, a 4 track EP entitled "Ocean Blues" they showcase dynamic lyrics, and a dramatic, wide range of riveting sounds. Never a dull moment in these tracks, a fusion of  influence from The Beach Boys, The Cure and French Baroque, is the sound of Saint Mars. 
Let Saint Mars sweep you away into the gothic, ballad, dreamscape, that is Ocean Blues, here: 

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Article by JR McKeague (2017)

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