Menace to $ociety

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Menace To $ociety

Style: Hip-Hop/Rap
Production: Tantu Beats, TaylorKing, P.Soul
EP Release: Balance Light & Dark Part 1: Light

This Las Vegas based, hip-hop collective, is making waves and taking names, with their new EP release,  "Balance Light & Dark Part 1: Light".
 Members Francis Rivera, Santino Rivera, Mason Liefreid, deliver quick witted lyrics about current challenges of Western Society, over memorable hip-hop beats. Although this album claims to be the Light, in the balance between dark and light, there are some very heavy themes present in the lyrics, and this album is marked with a "Parental Advisory" warning.
In this EP,  Menace To $ociety demonstrates their vast abilities, by showcasing each vocalist's unique rapping style, and creating multiple  layers of sound within each track.
A great example of this can be heard in track, "By Your Side" produced by P.Soul. 

Listen to Balance Light & Dark Part 1: Light , here:

Article by JR McKeague, 2017

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