Marty McKay

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Marty McKay
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Styles: Alternative Rock

CD: New York City Dreams 
Release Date: Feb 24, 2017

Solo, conceptual artist, Marty McKay, began his career as a turntable DJ.
Moving direction from hip-hop scratching, to singing and rapping, his new sound can be described as an intergalactic Linkin Park, meets Incubus. Marty McKay offers a truly unique sound, that blends many of today's modern rock genres.

His newest album brainchild, is titled New York City Dreams, and delivers a socio-critical commentary on modern day concerns, as well as percussion soaked interludes and elements of heavy metal.
All this, combined with symphonic vocal harmonies, and power ballad-esque pop progressions, makes for a dynamic, multi-dimensional album. 
With lyrics ranging in narrative from dark heaviness, to uplifting release, New York City Dreams, is a cohesive, raw, and attention catching compilation. 

New York City Dreams, is now available for Pre-Order through iTunes

Listen to track "Empire Town" here:



Article by JR McKeague, 2017

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