Marla Mase

WAIL Music Magazine reviews Marla Mase's new single "Everybody Dies", from her new album "Miracle- Lost & Found" (2016)

Genre: Alternative Rock, Power Pop
Musical pioneer Marla Mase is a writer/performer/producer/singer/songwriter from New York City.
Deconstructing themes of life and death through her lyrics and compositions, Marla Mase's 5th album, "Miracle- Lost & Found" (2016)  was developed as a multi-dimensional concert experience.
Drawing from elements of psychedelia, modern opera, spoken word and power pop, Mase weaves in her signature Rock n Roll flare, and uninhibited, unapologetic, individualistic style.
The lead single "Everybody Dies" from "Miracle- Lost & Found" (2016) is an eclectic combination of 80's hip-hop, mixed with modern themed lyrics about the internet, and repetitive power-pop atmosphere. In this single's music video, Mase's experience in Broadway Musical Theatre is very apparent. Directed by 19 year old Dylan Mars Greenberg, the video has outlandish props, colourful cut & paste imagery and bold text that are reminiscent of low budget pop/ hip-hop videos from the late 80's, early 90's. It's hard to place the year this music video was made just by watching or listening to it. The song and video merge previous eras, with modern themes, keeping the viewer intrigued and curious throughout. 
Marla Mase is definitely a unique creator and one to watch, as she continues her exploration of blurring the boundaries between genres, eras and merging old sound with current messages.
Listen/ Watch "Everybody Dies" here>

Written by JR McKeague, 2016

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