Luxury Mane

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Luxury Mane

Location: St Petersburg, USA 
Styles: Indie Rock, Experimental, Psych Pop
CD: Lux Runnin Out 
Release date: Oct 29, 2016

Bold in their minimalist style, Luxury Mane is gaining popularity across the USA.
Awarded numerous, Best of the Bay Awards, by Creative Loafing, members Billy Summer ( Vox, Guitars ), Kyle Lovell ( Drums ), and Aaron Nelson ( bass ) deliver layers of new wave sounds, with captivating instrumental compilations, and ambient vocals.
Taking listeners on a soothing, timeless journey, Luxury Mane's new CD, Lux Runnin Out, is a fusion of Indie, and Experimental Rock, all within an ambient, era-bending dreamscape.
Drawing inspiration from the older sounds of Velvet Underground, and The Cure, and combining with modern influences, such as Modest Mouse, and Radiohead, Luxury Mane presents a CD that is sure to keep your interest from start to end.

Listen to the full album Lux Runnin Out here:

Watch music video for track "Mane Drag " here:


Article by JR McKeague, 2017



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