WAIL Music Magazine is feeling blessed to be featuring KALA from Vancouver, BC 

KALA is a Neo-Soul, Folk-Hop Raga Roots lyricist/ artivist with a diverse range of creative, and meaningful content. KALA is known for his active community involvement and awareness around environmental conservation and protection. 
Collaborating and co-producing with various instrumentalists and producers from around the globe, Kala's many projects dare to create new and inspiring styles of expression by merging consciousness with progressive, revolutionary lyrics and sound. 

"KALA just returned from India, where he recorded three music videos (now in production) for his project with the Ancient Futures Clan and the hOmie SACR3D where they blend ancient Sanskrit Mantras and Yogic Wisdom with hard hitting hip hop and inspired R&B. He will be on tour with Buckman Coe at festivals across the coast this summer and will be backed up by Buckman Coe’s band at Blessed Coast. He also performs with Andrew Kim and Zamir Dhanji of Naad as part of the Ancient Futures project." -(Blerb from Consciouslivingradio.org)  

Not only a great musician and lyricist, KALA also shows impressive and intentional leadership ability. 
KALA is the Creator/ Founder of The Blessed Coast Gathering ( a largely renewable energy powered Music/Yoga/Arts festival in Squamish, BC on Unceded Coast Salish Territory), which has been growing in global presence for several years. 
This festival, in true conscious KALA flavor, has fresh local food, eco-friendly, ethical and sustainable themes throughout it's performances and workshops. And enviromentally aware, community-empowering Opening & Closing ceremonies led by local Indigenous Hosts and Elders. 
check out their website here > www.blessedcoast.ca 

Upcoming Shows: 
Friday November 18, 6:30pm- Devotion: A Kirtan & Dance Journey   
at the Bridge & Enrich Lives Society (Vancouver, BC) 


Listen to tracks on his Bandcamp here 


Written by JR McKeague (2016)

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