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Location: ​Dallas, TX 
Styles:​ Ambient, Lounge, Experimental
CD: ​Structures 
Release date: ​Jan 20, 2017

Members/Instruments: ​ 
Damon Kelly: Synths, Bass, Guitar, Programming
Jeff Ryan: Drums
Aaron White: Guitar

Gentoo has a unique sound that can be described as meditative trip-hop, ambient lounge and experimental. Delivering a dream like soundscape, Gentoo embellishes his tracks with electronic beats, samples of voices speaking, and live instrument playing.
The consequential brain child of innovative Damon Kelly, Gentoo delivers a rich, atmospheric escape from daily life stresses, and transports you to a land of relaxing rhythms.
This album would be great to study to, meditate with or bring along for your morning jog. 
If you enjoy experimental, ambient lounge music, be sure to plug into Gentoo's album, Structures.

Listen to single "Oslo" here:


Article by JR McKeague, 2017

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