Dylan Tauber

WAIL Music Magazine showcases Dylan Tauber

Location: Israel
Styles: electronica ranging from ambient /chill out to trance 

Similar Sound: Deep Forest, Enigma
CD: "Dolphin Trance" 2 
Release Date: Sept 21, 2016


A forward-thinking electronica visionary, Dylan Tauber's music is ambient and trance inducing.
He started his career as an ambitious independent artist 20 years ago, and since then has made some waves around the world. More well known as a cyber star, Dylan also published two books as he completed his now, 10th album. A well balanced, multi talented artist, we congratulate Tauber for his years of dedication to his art, as he begins to gain recognition around the world.

 Listen to Dolphin Swim Remix (ft Enlia): soundcloud.com/dylantauber/dolphin-swim-remix-feat-enlia

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