D.G. Adams

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D.G. Adams
Vancouver, B.C, Canada 
Styles: folk/rock/roots 

CD: The Old Heart 
Release date: March 18/17 

D.G. Adams is a folk, rock, roots artist, and multi-talented, creative extrodinaire from Vancouver, BC.
Lead vocalist, and guitarist, D.G. Adams is a man of many diverse talents. Also known as, Donald Adams in the acting world, he can often be seen playing lead roles in film and television, and occasionally acting and directing in theatre. Dedicated to his craft, Adams has spent the past 33 years as a classically trained actor and Shakespeare teacher. Thus lending inspiration to the title of his debut album, Feminine Endings (a feminine ending refers to the eleventh, unstressed syllable in a line of iambic pentameter) 

In his new track, "This Song Is Not True", (The Old Heart) he showcases some intriguing, and creative lyricism, alongside a catchy melody. His sound could be described as The Clash, meets Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

Upbeat and catchy, witty and memorable, D.G. Adams is definitely one to keep tuned into as he continues to share, and showcase his many talents in music, theatre, film, television and teaching.

Listen to "The Song Is Not True" here > 


Career highlights so far, Winner Best Song ("Blind and Deaf") Folk/Americana, 2016  
Artist of the Month, Blue Light Studio, 2014  
Pick of the Week ("Feminine Endings"), Museum of Canadian Music, 2011

D.G Adams: songwriter, lead vocals acoustic guitar 
Aline Bobbin: violin
Torquil Campbell: Background vocals, keyboards /
Alexi Johnson: background vocal
D. Jeremy Price Jones: electric and acoustic guitars
Lucas Marincelj: bass, mandolin, background vocal
Kaj Falch-Nielsen: acoustic guitar
Karina Pry: acoustic piano, organ, keyboards, background vocals
Edward Whelan: tambourine
Shane Wilson: Drums 

Produced by Torquil Campbell for Jump Attack Records 

All songs by D.G. Adams

Article by JR McKeague (2017)

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