Buckman Coe

WAIL Music Magazine is proud to present Buckman Coe 

Style: Conscious Roots, Folk-Blues, Indie Rock, Soul 
Buckman Coe and band (from Vancouver, BC) design and deliver powerfully positive, conscious music for their vast audience of all ages. 
Truly "music for the people", their sounds are composed from the heart, and draw inspiration from soul, Folk, Americana, Rock, and Reggae. 

Members: Buckman Coe, Sam Cartwright, Mary Ancheta, Adam Parent, and Tim Parent, Jon Roper, Liam MacDonald, Horns (1-3): Max Murphy, Colin Maskell, Andy Condrington & Ryan Naso 

The "Malama Ka ’Aina" Album (which means "Respect The Land"), was released in 2015, and is an inspiring and captivating celebration of life, as well as being a soft critique on capitalism. 
With soulful horn arrangements, impressive harmonies and  powerful messages, including  the destructive nature of corporate media, "Malama Ka ’Aina" encourages the people to strengthen as communities, spread love and leave a healthy planet for the generations that follow. This album marks Buckman Coe's 5th album release, all of which share themes of positivity, environmental protection, and bringing hope to the people. (Available at buckmancoe.bandcamp.com/music) 

“I believe in humankind / I believe in human kindness.” – Buckman Coe in “False Flags” 

Buckman Coe is currently on the frontlines in Lakota, at the Dakota Access Pipeline, Standing for Standing Rock. 
WAIL Music Magazine is proud of your efforts there. 
We wish all demonstrators to stay safe, and we stand in solidarity with the people protecting the waters at Standing Rock.  

Upcoming Shows: 
December 9th Blue Light Studio, Vancouver 
January Hawaii Tour TBA 
February 3rd Occidental, Quesnel 
March 10-14th Port Fairy Folk Festival 


#noDAPL #StandWithStandingRock #WaterIsLife #unifythefrontlines #mniwiconi 

Sign the petition to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline here> https://actionsprout.io/AA7D52/thanks 


Written by JR McKeague (2016)

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