Asheville Symphony Orchestra

WAIL Music Magazine showcases
The Asheville Symphony Orchestra.
Album: The Asheville Symphony Sessions
Various Artists
North Carolina, USA

This orchestra is a true testament to artist dedication to the work, and how communal efforts can achieve creating a collective dream. 
When first established in 1960, the Symphony was without a resident conductor or manager, and all musicians performed on a volunteer basis. Since then, through fundraising efforts, and constant dedication, this Symphony has expanded in size and community impact. 

In this newly released album, titled "The Asheville Symphony Sessions" The Asheville Symphony Orchestra, collaborates with other artists to perform compilations that celebrate the vast range of musical talent from North Carolina.
Deemed "A Soundtrack For The City" This album is the collective effort outcome of more than 150 artists from Asheville, North Carolina, ranging from independent, to globally recognized.
The Asheville Symphony Sessions, showcases a variety of genres including folk, country, roots, rock, pop, bluegrass, R&B, and jazz, with each track featuring ensembles from the Asheville Symphony Orchestra, each ensemble featuring a vast range of players.
This unique collaboration is a wonderful demonstration of a collective, community work of art.
A great example is in the video "Don't Freak Out" where a youth choir, local independant artists, and proclaimed musicians, work in collaboration, to make an upbeat, fun, symphonic compilation.
Watch "Don't Freak Out" here >
In the words of Chris Rosser, (Free Planet Radio) "the cross pollination of the pop/jazz local music scenes, with the local classical scene, seems good for the city, and good for sparking new musical ideas."

This inspiring, life-sized album, truly showcases community collaboration in an enjoyable, intricately artistic, fashion.
The work done by the Asheville Symphony Orchestra, can be seen as a bridge between worlds, from local indie Asheville singer/songwriters, to Grammy Award Winners.
And what a masterful piece of work it is.
We hope that the Asheville Symphony Orchestra inspires other communities around the world to join together in collaboration and showcase the diverse talents of their locations.

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