We're about musicians who WAIL!!! Any genre, any style, any instrument, any flavor! We are always looking for musicians that have put in years of time and energy perfecting their sound, who deserve to be recognized and bring them into the spotlight!

WAIL Music Magazine was launched in spring of 2015 and since then has established itself as a reputable source of great music across many genres. The idea of “For Musicians, By Musicians” is gratuitously accepted by musicians and music enthusiasts alike. WAIL’s goal is to bring hard-working, dedicated independent artists to the mainstream. We’ve sponsored some of the best underground musicians for over 3 years with free online promotion to help expose their music. One thing lacking in the modern music scene is media presence for hard-working artists who can devote their life to their music and still remain unknown. We're bringing you phenomenal artists from all around the world but most importantly we're putting their music where it belongs. In the ears, heads, and hearts of the fans. We also offer publicity services for bands to fund our upcoming social-music platform that is currently in development. We’re doing everything we can to give the power of music back into the hands of the musicians with our new platform with every music feature you could ever think of needing, viral sharing tools and the most modern monetization tools. Artists can apply at wailmusicmag.com/artist-application Check out wailmusicmag.com and JOIN OUR MOVEMENT to put independent music into the mainstream!

​​​​​​WAIL Music Promotion:
We sponsor hard working independent musicians with articles and also offer musician-affordable modern publicity services. We spend countless hours creating inspiring, original content to generate more traffic to expose your music to a new audience. Our packages include custom articles, interviews, internet radio airplay, press releases and sharing your content on our high traffic Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to expand your internet presence effectively. 

In our concept of "For Musicians, By Musicians" musicians keep full control of their content and it ensures freedom of speech for the writers and artists alike. We are not liable for these writers' and bands' articles, we don't own anything in regards to them and do not share the opinions or beliefs of the bands published in WAIL.



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